As the plane lifts so lifts my heart. The day has finally come!

Just a few months ago, I lost my husband. It does feel as though he is lost to me – even though he’s still alive – as the person he was to me can never exist again.

In the immediate aftermath of that terrible loss, as I fumbled around in the darkness, I knew there was only one way I could survive. I had to give myself something to look forward to. So, I decided to go to New Zealand, a place I’ve always wanted to go and never been before. And may as well go to Australia while I’m at it. I dreamed, planned, prepared, and finally packed for my trip to Middle Earth and the Land Down Under.

Travel, for me, is the best kind of therapy.

Adventure is the lens through which I see the world.

Home, for me, is found whenever I’m on the way to somewhere.

Healing, restoration, and renewal is what I hope to find on this particular journey. I hope you will join me on this new blog as I document my journey towards the new.


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