From The Mountains…

After a plane ride that seems like an eternity – I was beginning to feel like I had spent my entire life in seat 29F – I finally set my feet on solid ground at the first stop of my journey: Sydney, Australia. A friend I met in Japan picks me up at the airport and whisks me away to the Blue Mountains for my first ever day in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Blue Mountains do not disappoint, although I must admit I expected them to be a little more, well, blue. Come on, guys, everyone’s mountains look blue from a distance! Still, they are undeniably beautiful and the eucalyptus trees – which apparently are credited for the bluish hue of the mountains – mix with the fresh mountain air for the best breath I’ve had in a long time. “The breath is the healing,” one of my yoga teachers back in Ottawa would always say. So I take a long, deep breath and decide the plane ticket has already paid itself off… for this healing air, and for the ability to wear shorts and a t-shirt again after so many months of grueling Canadian winter.

After trekking around the blue mountains for a while taking in the stunning views and the stimulating air, we finally settle for dinner at the Station Bar for some Kangaroo and Crocodile wood-fired pizzas. If you ever find yourself in the Blue Mountains, don’t miss this spot, the pizza was spectacular!

I couldn’t have asked for a better first day Down Under. Tomorrow, to the sea! But first, after being on an airplane for what felt like an age and a half: to sleep.

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