…To The Sea

After an amazing first day in the Blue Mountains of Australia, I make my way down to the sea where I spend the next few days. If the mountain air was healing, the ocean air is reinvigorating. Especially when getting a face full of it learning to surf!

Surfing is definitely the biggest highlight thus far for me. I have always wanted to try surfing – I even had a website dedicated to it back in the Geocities glory days of the early Internet – but due to very poor eyesight and lack of opportunity I’ve never been able. However, thanks to laser eye surgery and, well, being in Australia, I finally get to live my dream!

“The Face Of Determination.” I did manage to get up and ride a few waves, amid many many bails, so I am quite happy!
This is my “Holy crap I actually just went surfing” face! Pure happiness.

Other highlights of Sydney are the Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk, a dinner on the town with my Canadian cousin and his Australian girlfriend, and the harbour cruise to Manly Beach. Check out all the awesome photos below!

Honestly, I could probably be perfectly happy staying in Sydney for the next two months, surfing every day, and getting super tanned and sculpted like what seems like everyone else here… (Seriously! Everyone here looks like bronze gods and goddesses! Must be the outdoor gym equipment everywhere… and that giant hole in the ozone layer. They don’t have skin cancer clinics everywhere around here for nothing. But I digress.) As amazing as it is, though, I know I can’t really stay here forever… for Middle Earth is calling.

Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk

Sydney Night Views

Manly Ferry Harbour Views

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